The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is responsible for 911 Dispatch, the Emergency Medical Services system, and the myriad of activities involved in preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters. DEM works with dozens of city and county agencies in the response to and recovery from major emergencies – planning, training, and exercising with them beforehand and coordinating their efforts in the aftermath. The department also partners with and works to support the efforts of community agencies and organizations that have a role in San Francisco’s resilience. Our City’s ability to bounce back from emergencies or disasters depends upon San Francisco businesses, non-profit organizations, congregations, and community-based organizations. DEM works closely with these communities to help ensure their capacity to participate in our rapid and effective recovery.

In the DEM Blog you can expect to read about the Department’s technical operations; programmatic efforts; and city, state and federal level initiatives that promote emergency management and all of its disciplines. To learn more about DEM’s philosophies and ideas about preparedness and resilience, follow our sibling blog: em4SF .

DEM is also active on Facebook and Twitter: @SF_emergency for public alerts and notifications; and, @em4SF for conversations about preparedness and resilience.

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