A Dispatcher By Day, Weightlifter by Night

When you think of first responders, you probably picture paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), firefighters and police officers. But there’s a first first responder behind the scenes who handles things before those folks get involved: the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

Public Safety Dispatcher Delanie Groll has been with the Department of Emergency Management for six years and a dispatcher for nine. But Delanie was introduced to the world of emergency services much earlier. She and her two sisters came from a public safety bloodline; her father was a firefighter for Contra Costa County and her mother worked at Oakland’s Department of Emergency Services.

Her favorite thing about being a dispatcher? It challenges her. However, the biggest challenge in her life right now, is her nerves as she’s a month and a half away from participating in the National Masters Weightlifting Championship in Georgia on Friday March 10th – Sunday March 12th, 2017.


Delanie fell in love with weightlifting after going to the gym and taking part in CrossFit in 2010. Her sinewy frame is a testament to the grueling daily training sessions that include clean-and-jerk and snatch lifts or core and strength training. When the women at her gym suggested participating in the qualification round for the national competition in Georgia, she felt noncommittal. Little did she know, she qualified!


A dispatcher by day and weightlifter by night, her work-life balance is packed with long days. Her training regimen and diet requires a fine sense of control and discipline. But she trains with people who motivate her to keep going and engage her competitive spirit which helps propel her further. That’s the key to her two consistent years of weightlifting; community. The weightlifting community that she’s found keeps her focused, on track and crushing.


Delanie Groll reminds us all that dispatchers are more than the calm voice on the phone. They have dreams and goals. It is a reminder that we are more than our occupations, we are what challenges us, what liberates us, and what ignites our spirit.  Our worth isn’t defined by how much we do or don’t accomplish. What matters most is how committed you stay to your #goals and those who you inspire on the way up. And for Delanie Groll, she’s inspired many at DEM. DEM will be cheering her on all the way to the National Masters Weightlifting Championship.




About sfdemdaniella

A passionate emergency management communications specialist looking to inspire, educate, and connect with San Francisco Bay Area community members.

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