DEM’s Summer Round-Up

What a summer it’s been in San Francisco, we’ve received more sun than we bargained for! As we look forward to fall we hope you’re ready for the new school year and more lovely warm weather. Check out our seasonal recap and have a great fall!


Dispatchers’ of the Month:

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management’s 9-1-1 Dispatchers manage more than 1.2 million emergency and non-emergency calls annually and are often the “first” first–responders whom San Franciscans reach when facing an emergency or are in crisis. Every month a DEM Public Safety Dispatcher is recognized for outstanding service while assisting those in crisis.

June 2015:

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has selected Public Safety Dispatcher Dana Granby for the month of June 2015. Dana is being recognized for her quick thinking and delicacy in handling a cliff rescue call.

Dana received a call from a woman whose dog had jumped off of a cliff. She was calling to request help due to the fact that she was now stranded on a cliffside after an unsuccessful attempt to rescue her dog. Both Dana and the caller worked very well together obtaining and providing unusual location information.  Dana’s reassuring updates to the caller were instrumental in maintaining the confidence and professional nature in which she handled this at least 20–minute call.  The caller did not wonder for any moment during the call what actions were taking place to expedite a safe rescue because Dana’s timely updates covered any questions she may have had.  The compassion Dana showed to a dog the caller obviously greatly cared for was much appreciated.

Dana’s ability to remain calm and reassuring was a huge part of the success of this cliff rescue.  Dana, you are an asset to the Department of Emergency Management.

July 2015:

San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has selected Public Safety Dispatcher Janelle Meyer for the month of July 2015. Janelle has been selected for her exemplary performance during a heightened call regarding a newborn who wasn’t breathing.

Janelle received a frantic call from a woman reporting that a newborn was not breathing in her home. Janelle immediately obtained all pertinent response details and attempted to give CPR instructions. Although the phone was passed around many times, increasing the panic and emotion felt from the callers, Janelle did not give up on her attempt to relay CPR instructions to whoever would listen. Her ability to remain calm, poised, and professional during such a highly charged call is nothing short than exemplary.

Janelle received many encouraging emails, hugs, and words speaking to what a great job she did from her colleagues and peers. Janelle, we thank you for being such a strong team member here at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

August 2015:

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has selected Public Safety Dispatcher Dawn Mahoney for the month of August 2015. Dawn has been selected for her spectacular performance during a call received from a boy reporting a person who had fallen and was unconscious.

Dawn received a call from a young boy reporting a person had fallen and was not awake. The child was unsure of the address and there happened to be a slight language barrier. Her ability to utilize a variety of call taking techniques to obtain and verify the correct information was instrumental in this call’s success. Dawn was able to convey CPR instructions that the caller was able to understand and follow. Dawn’s calm and reassuring demeanor were just what the young caller needed to hear.

It is often that our dispatchers receive difficult calls, always having to think fast and improvise on their feet. Dawn, we are grateful for your versatility and fast response.

Giant’s Public Safety Fair:

Stationed in McCovey Cove on a beautiful day, we were happy to participate again in this year’s “Giant’s Public Safety Fair.” We were joined by several other public safety organizations such as the FBI and the Sheriff’s Dept. to share our message and teach Giant’s fans all about safety and preparedness.

Giant's Preparedness Fair Photo


Outside Lands Music Festival:

This was SF72’s first year participating in Outside Lands Music Festival’s Eco-Lands, Non-Profit Partners Exhibition and we were joined by our partners the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team. We were surrounded by booths of do-gooders who came out to share their message with a swelling daily audience of 65,000 concert-goers per day. Our goal was to reach as many people as possible with our preparedness materials and messages.

One fun way that we decided to engage the crowd was to ask curious individuals and groups what they did if an earthquake hit. After sharing that the only way to respond was to: “Drop, Cover, and Hold On!” we asked them to show us what they learned with a mock dining room table. Our exhibitions led to laughs and lessons learned and we had a great time showing force at this year’s OSL.

   OSL 2015

If you’re prepared to camp, than you’re more prepared for an emergency than you think!


 OSL 2015_2

National Night Out:

Another successful event supporting our partners and engaging with the community at this year’s National Night Out! National Night Out is a community-based event that invites neighbors across the nation to participate in safety education. We joined forces with the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team, the San Francisco Fire Department, SF Safe, the San Francisco Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, and many others to increase awareness on local safety issues.

National Night Out Photo


About sfdemkristin

A strong believer that we are more prepared than we think, Kristin advocates it is not a looming disaster that inspires us to prepare, but rather the peace of mind that comes from having taken a few simple steps in advance of an emergency to take care of our loved ones. Kristin can be found on Twitter @kristinlhogan.

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