One Day in San Francisco: On Call with the City’s EMS Professionals

Intro by Daniella Cohen

The San Francisco Emergency Medical Services Awards is sure to be one of the highlights of EMS Open House on Wednesday May 20th.  The awards honor the exceptional work of San Francisco’s emergency medical services community.  In future posts, we’ll highlight the work of each our awardees.

Speaking on shining light on some of our EMS All Stars…please meet Kaitlin Parks. Kaitlin is a recent alumni of San Francisco’s EMS community. By night Kaitlin was an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the San Francisco Fire Department, and by day she was a professional dancer. In a video that was produced in partnership with One Day in San Francisco and One Day Earth we follow Kaitlin and her colleagues through the night as they pull back the curtain on what it means to be an emergency medical professional in the City. We glean a greater understanding of the sacrifice and commitment they make to protect others and the discipline they exhibit in responding professionally and quickly to help people in their darkest hours.

Kaitlin’s experience as an EMT in San Francisco inspired her to pursue a career in medicine.  Immediately following the EMS Awards Ceremony, Kaitlin will make the cross country drive to begin her studies at Oklahoma State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. According to U.S. News & World Report, the college is among the best medical osteopathic schools in the country.  Osteopathic medicine emphasizes helping each person achieve a high level of wellness by focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Check out her short film “On Call With SFFD Paramedics.” You never know, this might be you one day!

On Call with SFFD Paramedics from Rebekah Fergusson on Vimeo.

Inspired?  Attend San Francisco’s Emergency Medical Services Open House at City College of San Francisco on May 20th, from 12pm-4pm.  San Francisco’s EMS providers and professionals will be on hand to answer your questions.

For more information about the San Francisco Emergency Medical Services Open House, Job Fair, & Awards visit:

This short film was produced in partnership with One Day in SF and One Day on Earth. All footage was shot in the wee hours of Saturday, April 26, 2014. Directed/Shot/Edited by Rebekah Fergusson. Music by William Ryan Fritch. Special thanks to Kaitlin Parks, Matt Bean, and the SFFD for allowing a filmmaker into their world for the night.


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