Burning Building? Call 911. Burning Question? Call 311.


People dial 911 every day for all kinds of emergencies. At the Department of Emergency Management, our dispatchers are experts at sending the right kind of help to the right location – fast.

But sometimes people call 911 for things that are not emergencies. Like to ask for a Police Department phone number. Or to report stolen property. These non-emergency calls can tie up our 911 phone lines, and make it harder for real emergency calls to get through.

Fortunately, there’s a MUCH better number to call for non-emergency situations – 311. The expert staff at 311 can provide information on an amazing variety of non-emergency City services, both over the phone, and on the 311 app. And just like us, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can provide the answers you need in over 176 languages.

In short: Life-threatening emergency? Call 911. No urgency? Call 311.

Still not sure which number to call? Here’s a primer:

Burning Building? Call 911.                                  Burning Question? Call 311.

Bike accident? Call 911.                                      Bike stolen? Call 311.

Shots fired? Call 911.                                          Flu shots? Call 311.

Blocked airway? Call 911.                                   Blocked driveway? Call 311.

Building collapse? Call 911.                                Building permit? Call 311.

Car accident? Call 911.                                       Abandoned car? Call 311.

Person knocked out? Call 911.                           Street light out? Call 311.

Muni accident? Call 911.                                    Muni late? Call 311.

Need rescue after an earthquake? Call 911.      Need info after an earthquake? Call 311.

Need Police help immediately? Call 911.          Need a Police phone number? Call 311.

Escaped prisoner? Call 911.                                Escaped chihuahua? Call 311.








Get the picture? For life-threatening emergencies, call us at 911, and we’ll get the Police, Fire Department, or an ambulance to your side as fast as possible. For everything else you need from the City, call our friends at 311, and save 911 for the real emergencies.


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