New Year’s Resolutions

Isn’t the New Year inspiring? Who doesn’t love a chance to start fresh and really focus on what you want to accomplish with a whopping 365 days to do so. We have a hunch that preparedness may not be number one on most New Year’s resolutions lists, but we do hope to get in the top five. How and why? In its most boiled down state, preparedness is easier than most think and when doing so, you are taking actions now that will make a big difference to your quality of life—and how soon we can get back to normal—should something bad happen. Just imagine that feeling of losing five pounds coming as easily as realizing your manual can opener puts you in the ‘prepared’ camp.

So, here are a few simple ideas to help jump start meeting a preparedness New Year’s resolution:

• Visit and assess your current supplies
• Register for San Francisco’s text-based notification system AlertSF
• Look into becoming a trained member of San Francisco NERT
• Follow DEM on twitter: @sf_emergency and like DEM on Facebook
• Download DEM’s preparedness smart phone app SF Heroes (currently for iPhone and soon to be available on Droid this spring)

And whatever you do to prepare, we hope you will share that your family and friends. Hearing it from you is where the preparedness message ‘rubber meets the road’.

Happy New Year from all of us at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management and wishing you and yours a prepared 2012!


About sfdemkristin

A strong believer that we are more prepared than we think, Kristin advocates it is not a looming disaster that inspires us to prepare, but rather the peace of mind that comes from having taken a few simple steps in advance of an emergency to take care of our loved ones. Kristin can be found on Twitter @kristinlhogan.

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