Van, Turkey: Dispatch One

San Francisco is a community of immigrants and through this community link the City received a request for assistance from the municipality of Van, Turkey who was recently hit by a 7.1m earthquake.  Subsequent aftershocks continue and include one of 5+m that caused further damage. We approached our partners at the SF Fleet Week Association Humanitarian Aid Program who have generously funded a fact finding mission comprised of 5 individuals representing the City, SFFW and the private sector.

We arrived in Van today and had our first meeting with one of their elected officials who described their current circumstances. Most of the population that remains, some 150,000 of a city of 350,000+, are living in tents outside their homes which raised concerns due to the rapidly approaching winter and the weather getting much, much colder.

Our primary mission here is to understand the situation and determine if the City, through our many partners, will be able to offer assistance.   Tomorrow, we plan to visit one of the Crisis Center and survey the central district of Van.

The following video is Deputy Director, Rob Dudgeon sharing the latest during the Van, Turkey Mission.


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  1. Very impressive, seeing and listening to you demonstrates how the world has shrunk in terms of communication,allof you are great ambassadores , and the people that you are in contact must be so impressed, godspeed, and return home safely

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